Indigenous Community for Leadership and Development (ICLD)

300 - 220 Brew Street, Port Moody, BC  V3H 0H6

Tel: 604.899.2400  Toll-free: 1.888.899.ICLD(4253)


Our Nation recived support from Indigenous Community for Leardership and Development (ICLD) for Economic Development and Training Support. The training was of great benefit, and we would highly reccomend ICLD to other communites based on the quality of service. We found ICLD to have excellent customer service as they had an in-depth understanding of First Nations needs, barriers, and requirments. Their highly qualified staff is knowledgeable and delivered content that was culturally adapted to our community needs. 

We would highly reccomend and utilize ICLDd services for future training requriements and would welcome and programs developed by this highly reccomended organization 

Economic Development Support


Roger Nopper, Band Manager

Candidates who recieved training to enhance their quality of life and gain essential and employment readiness skills included members of Tk''emlups te Secwepemc and Skeetchestn Indian Band, part of the the Stk'emlupsemc te Secwepemc Nation (SSN). 

The training received was of great benefit and we would highly recommend ICLD to other communities based upon the quality of service, their promptness and connecting our department to various funding sources. We found ICLD to have great customer service as they have an in-depth understanding of First Nations needs, barriers and requirements. Their ability to provide instructors who connected with the class and create and engaging and safe atmosphere for candidates was incredible. Their highly qualified staff were knowledgeable and delivered content that was culturally adapted for our community needs.

Economic Development and Training Support

Stk'emlupsemc te Secwepemc Nation 

Jordann Hazelwood, BBC Employment and Training Department 

“The instructors made the course fun, it exceeded  my expectations. I recommend any organization to do this course and use the tools in both your professional and
personal lives.” -Frederick D McKay

“Finding my personal inner strengths (Aware of Self) as well as finding my outward strengths or better said “what I am made of” found this experience to be very exciting, uplifting and empowering, to know my contributions to team effort! There’s no “I” in team; to steer our canoe in the right direction. We as servants to our community must realize to achieve greatness, we must be willing to serve each other: leaders, elders and the community,
with unity.” -Collier Bright

High Performing Teams 



“I really enjoyed being a part of this Youth Career Training program that took us five exceptional days to complete. It showed us what career training is really like and let us experience it first hand. I felt that this program met my full expecations and guided me in knowing more informaiton than I had before; the informaiton was very well organized, and I now feel very well infromred about career expectations and mrore.


To be hones, I really appreciated teh instructors' enthusiasm and positive vibes, as well as their ability to go over things we may not have been taught before."

Youth Career Training


Sophia Sampson