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In traditional times, canoes were the most common means of travel for communities. To arrive at a destination safely, they would have to work as a strong team.

Building Strong Teams



In traditional times, canoes were the most common used for travel for communities to arrive at there destination safely, they would have to work as a strong team. Participants who take Building Strong Teams will better understand team members communication styles, as well as their own. Participants will gain insight on how to deal with conflict and how others act when confronted with a difficult situation. Also, understand how age plays a factor in not only communications but work ethics and preferences. Lastly, develop creative ways to ensure forward movement in developing win-win relationships with team and band members.


One-week training includes:
  • Define what success looks like and different types of teams

  • Team Development: Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing

  • Making the Most out of team meetings and how to solve problems as a team



Program Features
  • Customization of content to meet community needs

  • Flexible scheduling to support traditional calendars (feasts and food harvesting)

  • In community training; trainers travel to customer sites

Strong Teams:

Staff members who work together as one to accomplish common goals and understand different  communication styles


We will achieve this by:
  • Communication: understanding of the different ways people communicate and the effectiveness of your communication

  • Understanding: define questioning techniques and correctly use Open, Closed, and Probing questions

  • Conflict Management: gain an understanding of several methods for building common ground to maintain and strengthen partnerships

  • Generating Solutions:  analyze potential problems by thinking forward to the solution implementation